Violin Meditation October 2018- Present

Radiance, Lancaster PA

A violin soundscape meditation. The First 10 minutes will be a few breathing exercises and gentle movements before you lay down for the next 50 minutes and drift off into a sonic landscape savasana/yoga nidra.

Last Friday of every month at Call (717)-290-1517 to reserve your spot. (15 available slots depending on the prior month’s waiting list). $20 in advance, $25 at the door.


Installations & Services

As a collective, Ciel Sillage offers a wide variety of services including, immersive and aerial silk installations,  musical performances and lectures based on their travels. Helena also offers public and private yoga classes, often accompanied with live music by Bré. Lastly they provide live music for special events (weddings, galas, fundraisers, festivals etc.). Below are the three main Installation and performance types explained a bit more in depth.


Aerial Silk Installation: Floating Bliss

Hang Suspended in an Aerial Silk that leaves you wrapped up in a hammock-like cocoon. Visual elements such as floating forms of gauze as well as rippled light displays also help to create an otherworldly environment. Lastly, Helena will play sonic soundscapes on her violin, layering melodies to create beautiful orchestral tapestries of sound.

These events are showcased every month on the last Sunday of that month at Yoga Home, located in York, PA. There are 12 silks in the studio, creating a limited amount of people that can attend. Tickets can be purchased here:


Immersive Installation:

A truly immersive experience, this one hour performance fills the mind with color, movement, light and sound. Each Installation is unique to the space it is held within, but all contain elements of floating sculptures, video projections, reflective surface pieces and violin soundscapes.  

Ciel Sillage has also brought in other artists such as professional dancers and visual artists to create their own forms of expression within the overall experience as well as encouraging the audience to interact openly with the installation.


Images, Stories and Music from our travels

Join Helena and Bré in this hour long presentation, where they delve into their year of living abroad in Japan. The performance showcases photography of their adventures and the stories behind them. The presentation is also supplemented throughout with musical performances that were inspired or written during their time abroad.



Spring 2019

Susquehanna Waldorf School GLO event, Marietta PA Violin Soundscapes

Winter 2018

Woolen Mill Farms, New Park PA Violin and Sitar Performance

Fall 2018

Pullo Center Penn State York Violin Performance for SHINE benefit concert

Millersville University Dream Worlds Installation/ Video Projections/ Sonic Landscapes/ Justine Ditto Collaboration

SOCA (Studio One Center for the Arts), Lancaster, PA Violin Soundscapes for RED SEED festival

Lutheran Home PA Lecture and Music Performance

Tellus 360, Lancaster PA Fully Immersive Installation for VELOCITY

Summer 2018

Spooky Nook, Lancaster PA Kindflow Yoga and Violin Soundscapes

West End Yoga, Lancaster PA Kindflow Yoga and Violin Soundscapes

Hopkins Stringworks, New Freedom PA Lecture and Music Performance

Yogahome, York PA Lecture and Music Performance

Willow Valley, Lancaster PA Violin Soundscapes Performance

Lancaster Art Studios, Lancaster PA Synethetic Installation and Violin Soundscapes

July-August 2018, West End Yoga Kindred Flow Yoga ( Yoga with Bré Soundscapes)

Mennonite Homes of Lancaster, PA Lecture and Music Performance

Tellus 360, Lancaster PA Synesthetic Installation and Violin Soundscapes

Tellus 360, Lancaster PA Lecture and Music Performance

Yogahome, York PA Immersive Silk Installation ( monthly residency)

West End Yoga, Lancaster PA Kindflow Yoga and Violin Soundscapes June 2018

Illuminated Soul Wellness Center New Park, PA Kindflow Yoga and Bré Soundscapes

Vegfest, Lancaster PA Violin Soundscapes

Tellus360, Lancaster PA Violin Flow ( Yoga and Violin)

Spring 2018

Woolen Mill Farms, New Park PA Lecture and Music Performance

Radiance, Lancaster PA Lecture and Music Performance

Winter 2017

Hibi No Kate , Yonago Japan Music Performance

Summer 2017

The Warehouse, Columbia PA Immersive Installation/Video Projections/Dance Performance

Moira Records, Lancaster PA Violin and Bré Soundscapes June 2017