Born in the Himalayas, to Swiss/Cypriot parents, Helena Lalita Protopapas is a multi-disciplinary visual and performance artist, musician, and teacher of art, music, and yoga. 

At 20, while working on an album and living in San Francisco and later  Los Angeles, Helena was signed to Warner Bros as a recording and performing artist. After completing the album, she felt pulled to continue her education in the arts and fell in love with teaching, returning to rural Pennsylvania where she has developed a community of both yoga and violin students.

In the last few years, she has travelled throughout Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Denmark, Amsterdam, Belgium, France, Italy, and most recently studied in Switzerland. This past year, Helena and Wyatt (Bré) lived off the northeastern coast of Japan where they explored the culture, music, and magic of such an ancient and mysterious culture.

While traveling, Helena collects and draws inspiration for musical compositions that she weaves into both lectures and performances.

As a meditation and yoga teacher, and natural synesthete ( sonic and visual senses cross-over), Helena explores transcendence in her work. Fascinated with layering, mystery, memory, and the divine, Helena invites viewers, and listeners alike, to travel with her on an ethereal journey that connects both East and West, and reaches beyond into realms of the imagination.